Financial Titans

Deep Financial Literacy & Mental and Emotional Well-Being Program for Young People Starting at Age 15

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Financial Titans

Free Extracurricular Program for ages 15 to 26


  • Learn How to Create the Life of Your Dreams
  • Generate your first $1,000
  • Learn How to Be Mentally and Emotionally Healthy


  • Summer Program is Tuesdays & Wednesdays in Loiza from 12-noon to 2pm.
  • Each day you’ll will get a delicious, nutritious lunch.
  • This program is free, but you will need to commit to staying in the program and attending.
  • During the program, you will learn simple techniques to be mentally and emotionally healthy, to sleep well, to love yourself more, to have healthier relationships, and to improve your communication.


PART 1: How to make money + Money mindset

We will help you generate your first $1,000 and you will learn what the money mindset is so that you feel comfortable making money, managing money and having money.


PART 2: How to make MORE Money + How Money Works

Get on the path to generating $10,000. You will learn the basics of money, as well as how to rent an apartment, buy a car, get your first bank account, how credit and interest work, how decentralized finance works, and how to leverage your money to generate more.


PART 3: How to Spend, Save, Invest and Protect your money + Career Opportunities

You’ll learn how to make the most of your money and make sure you always have enough. You’ll discover high-paying career opportunities that are available to you and how to pursue them.


The Summer Program begins on Tuesday, June 4th.

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2024.

Apply now HERE.

When the student is accepted, they will receive a welcome packet that includes their parent permission slip.